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Joinery – Doors, Stairs and Stud Walls

Sometimes, you need something a bit different to make your home really special. If you want to give your home a really unique feel, then why not have a custom piece of furniture built. As expert joiners we can create a number of bespoke products including doors and stairs as well as structural work such as the stud walls. We can use all kinds of wood including oak, walnut and timber to create an item that will slot in seamlessly with the rest of your home.

We are proud of our workmanship and you will find our items to not only be stunning but also durable and detailed. Our custom joinery means that however unique your home is and however it is structured, the product we build will suit your home down to the exact detail. If you are looking for joinery or home extension in Cheadle, Manchester then contact us to arrange a consultation and we’ll be able to work with you to create the perfect wooden product.

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Home extension in Cheadle. Joinery and construction services. Doors, stairs and stud wall installations.

Home extension in Cheadle. Joinery and construction services in Manchester. Woodwork and bespoke timber furniture.


In addition to structural items such as doors and stairs we can also create bespoke products such as bookcases, shelves and wardrobes. Bespoke timber furniture will add elegance and refinement to any room and you will find that our carpentry is of the highest quality. We’ll work with you during the design stage to understand your goals and create an item that will really complement the colours and other items in your property. If you have a commercial space then we can craft table tops, chairs and other furnishings that will really make your business stand out. Contact us today at Manchester Construction and find out what we can build for your home.

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Windows and Double Glazing

If you require any kind of window services, we can also fit and install all varieties of windows and double glazing. Windows come in all shapes and sizes including casement windows, slider windows and awning windows. They can also be made from timber, aluminium or uPVC. Should you need assistance picking the right windows for your property, we are here to give you all the help you need. Should you wish to improve the heat and sound proofing properties of your home then double glazing is the ideal product. We can fit double glazing on all types of windows, so we can ensure that your windows not only look great, but add real value to your property. Get in touch to learn more about home extension in Cheadle and how we can improve your property.

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Home extension in Cheadle, Manchester. Joinery and construction. Windows and double glazing. Timber, uPVC and aluminium windows.



Home extension in Cheadle. Joinery and construction services. Bespoke gates and ironmongery. Nice iron gate.


Bespoke Gates and Ironmongery

Give your property increased security and protection with a bespoke gate, which we can construct from timber or metal. There are a number of possibilities for your property, and we can work with you during the consultation to understand your budget and your needs before identifying the right product for you. When we have built your gate, we’ll install it for you and provide you with any assistance should you need it. At Manchester Construction, we also offer all related ironmongery such as hinges, bolts and locks.

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