The main reasons

By far the most common reason for turning to a home extension is to gain square footage and add value.  But beware – you are not guaranteed to get either unless you plan carefully.

Here are the top  things to get right when undertaking a home extension

Adding value

Will an extension will add more value than it costs to build?  No necessarily.  Be wise.  Firstly plan your costs carefully.  Expensive fittings may add a touch of luxury but if you have a leading toward the quality things in life, costs can quickly spiral out of control.  An eventual buyer will come with a tape measure not an appreciation of the fabric or brand if your accessories.

Consider the ceiling pricing of homes in your area.  More does not necessarily mean more.  If you are close to the maximum price, adding an extension may not add as much value as you might think.

Building regs

Nothing calms enthusiasm and great ideas like building regs.

Whatever you are planning understand the issues you are likely to face when it comes to building regs.  Get yourself an expert at an early stage.  Creating a plan that is ‘workable’ at an early stage is much more cost effective that ending up redrawing plans or even worse, undoing building work.

Don’t get fixated on size

Clever design and innovative use of space can provide you with a solution that is ever bit as good as something that is much bigger and much mor expensive.  Architects can bring ideas to the table that you may never have dreamed about.

Right partners

If you haven’t guessed it yet, make sure you employ the right partners.  Choose a builder and architect who understand the local area and who come recommended.  You are about to undertake a big project and you need the right team on your side.

Design in efficiency

Using the right materials and making sure that the home extension you end up with is efficient and doesn’t cost a fortune to run is vital.  The design and the construction work should be top quality.

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